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EASY Chiseled Bookshelf Secret Door in Minecraft

I will show you how to make three easy Minecraft chiseled bookshelf Redstone doors. These Redstone doors can be 100% secret so that you can have a hidden entrance to your base. I will show you how to create a secret door in Minecraft using the chiseled book shelf . This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create a secret door in your Minecraft house.

Batman Minecraft Bedrock DLC

Ah, nightfall in Minecraft. As the moon rises, and the Overworld takes on a silvery glow, the dark depths of the forests start to groan and hiss and cackle. Usually I’d be terrified as hostile mobs creep towards me, but not tonight. I can almost imagine the silhouette of a bat against that bright, bright moon, and it fills me with more courage than a Totem of Undying. Why? Because the dark isn’t so scary now that Batman™ is swooping into Minecraft!

Everything announced at Minecraft Live 2022

I show off everything announced at Minecraft Live 2022! They started with giving us a new look at Minecraft Legends, the brand new Minecraft game releasing Spring 2023! Then we took a look at a new Minecraft Dungeons update. Minecraft 1.20 will feature chiseled bookshelves, hanging signs, rafts, bamboo as a wood type, camels, and other unannounced features! The SNIFFER won the mob vote, beating out the Tuff Golem and Rascal!

How To Build A Villager Trading Hall

It is easy to get all the enchantments, loot, food, and companionship you want with Minecraft VILLAGER TRADING HALLS! I will show you how to make a villager trading building so that you can get these trades. You will need to breed villagers, get them into their cells, and give them professions to trade. This video covers Bedrock and Java.